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Appel du 22 Mars 2001 - Cour administrative d'appel de Paris

Facts: the applicant was a policeman who asked the chief of policeof Paris to grant him a work leave for holiday days organized bythe "raelien movement". The police chide refused the grant onJanuary 22, 1996 on the ground that granting work leave for holidaydays was only allowed for the Armenian, Muslim and Jewish cultspursuing to a decision by the Tribunal Administratif of Paris onJune 3, 1999. The applicant appealed the decision refusing him thework leave.

Holding: the CAA of Paris overruled both the Judgment of the Tribunal Administratif of Paris on June 3, 1999 and the decision of the chief of police of Paris on January 22, 1996.

Reasoning: no legislation enabled the chief of police to limit the possibility to take a work leave to assist religious holidays only to civil servants belonging to the Armenian, Muslim and Jewish cults. The same possibility should have been granted to holidays organized by the "raelien movement" too.

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