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MM. X v Société Groupe Expansion , Cour de Cassation Chambre Civile 1, 20 novembre 1990, Bulletin 1990 I N° 257 p. 182

Facts: the plaintiffs refused to communicate personal information about their financial status and wages to the defendant company which was conducting a survey about the wages of the directors of Big companies in France. However, the defendant published available information on the plaintiffs that it obtained lawfully.

Complaint: the plaintiff claimed that the defendant violated their right to privacy guaranteed by article 9 of the Civil Code.

Holding: the claims were dismissed both by the court in the first instance and by the Court of appeal. The Cour de Cassation upheld this judgment

Reasoning: the publication of wages and patrimonial assets of an individual did not constitute an intrusion into the plaintiff's private life. No additional comments about the private life of the plaintiffs were stated in the article, as the Court of Appeal found. Thus no violation of article 9 was found and the plaintiffs were not entitled to damages under article 1382 of the Civil code.




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