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Tele Danmark A/S v. Handels-og KontorfunktionWrernes Forbundi Danmark, 2001 E.C.R. I-6993, [2002]

Facts: the applicant was an employee of Tele-Danmark, a telecommunications company, which hired the applicant as a temporary employee for a six-month period. The applicant did not disclose her pregnancy at the time of her intervi ew but revealed it during the latter half of a two-month training period . She expected to deliver her child before her six-month employment would end. Tele-Danmark terminated her employment upon the notification on the ground that she failed to disclose her pregnancy during her hiring interview.

Complaint: the applicant claimed that her employer violated the Equal Treatment Directive and the Pregnancy Directive

Holding: the ECJ found a violation of the Equal Treatment Directive and the Pregnancy Directive

Reasoning: The ECJ concluded that it is unlawful to dismiss a woman because of pregnancy regardless of the in- tended employment duration because there is no qualifying language in the directives' relevant provisions to suggest that protection applied only to those with indefinite employment terms.


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