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Glasenapp v Germany (1986) 9 E.H.R.R. 25

Facts: the applicant was a secondary-school teacher in Germany who expressed extremist political opinions. He was employed in a temporary position and had been denied a permanent post because of his extremist political beliefs.

Complaint: the applicant claimed a breach of his freedom of expression under Art.10 of the Convention (freedom of expression)

Holding: the ECHR rejected the complaint made under article 10 and did not find a violation of article 10

Reasoning: there had been no interference with Art.10 since the applicants had been refused permanent positions because they failed to meet the "personal qualifications" for appointment to the "civil service" (such qualifications including, in Germany, commitment to "the principles of the free democratic constitutional system" of West Germany and the non-membership of any organization "actively opposed to those principles").


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