X, Y and Z v Sweden 5 EHRR 147 1982:

Corporal punishment by parents: Respect for private and family life: Parental rights and choices in the upbringing and education of their children were paramount as against the state under Art 8(1). The Code of Parenthood was not legally enforceable and only attempted a reappraisal of the treatment of children. Certain assaults and molestations were however prohibited under the Penal Code. The provisions were not unusual or draconian. The mere fact that legislation regulated something which pertained to family life did not constitute a breach of Art 8(1).

Education: respect for parentís religious and philosophical convictions:

States were not prevented from imparting through education or teaching information or knowledge of a directly or indirectly religious or philosophical kind. Article 2 of protocol 1 did not permit parents to object to aspects of teaching on these grounds unless the information or knowledge was not conveyed in an objective, critical and pluralistic manner i.e. there must be an attempt to indoctrinate.

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