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Martinez and others v. Parliament, 2 October 2001, joined Cases T-222/99, T-327/99 et T-329/99.

Facts: The applicants are Martinez and others and were members of the “groupe techniques des députés independents”. The European Parliament refused to recognize the constitution of the "groupe techniques des députés independants" (TDI) as a group of members of the Parliament. This refusal was justified on the ground that the condition related to political affiliation and imposed by a regulation was not satisfied by the group.

Complaint: the applicants claimed that the refusal of the Parliament violated their freedom of association.

Holding: the ECJ did not find a violation.

Reasoning: the principle of freedom of association does not preclude the Parliament from imposing a requirement of political affinity for the formation of a group of Members of the Parliament, as long as its aim is legitimate.



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