Bolling v. Sharpe No. 8 Supreme Court of The United States 347 U.S. 497; 74 S. Ct. 693; 1954 U.S.

May 17, 1954, Decided

CORE TERMS: segregation, reargument, Fifth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, racially, segregated, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, guaranteed, classification, curiae, violative, unjustifiable, mutually, unthinkable, bodily, deprivation, confined, interchangeable, lesser, forbids, reversal, scrutinized, urging, restored, amicus

SUMMARY: This is a companion case to Brown v. Board of Education, supra, p 873. In the latter case the Supreme Court held that the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the states from maintaining racially segregated public schools. In the present case, in an opinion by Warren, Ch. J., it was held that the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment prohibits racial segregation in the public schools of the District of Columbia.

JUDGES: Warren, Black, Reed, Frankfurter, Douglas, Jackson, Burton, Clark, Minton

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