United Kingdom Laws

Please Not that there is no clear dignity law in UK. Reference in certain contexts:

Right of bodily integrity:
procedures performed on people eg circumcision; blood tests. Presumption against procedures performed for non-therapeutic reasons: S v S 1972 AC 24 HL. Feldman: Civil Liberties and Human Rights in England and Wales 1993: 159-60.

prima facie enjoy all rights as citizens. But as dependants are subject to certain authority exercised by the responsible adults. Feldman 134-5. Test is ‘reasonableness’. Parent must have justification for punishment which cannot be an assault: R v Dupperon 1985 WWR 369 CA.

Intimate Searches:
highly intrusive; prima facie a battery and invasion of privacy and interference with bodily integrity: Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, s118(1). Must be specially authorised on reasonable grounds by officer at least of rank of superintendent. Feldman 261.

EC of HR held that UK immigration officials cannot treat non-English groups differently from other non-English groups degrading: Patel and others (The East African Asians) v UK 1981 3 EHRR.

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