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Boughanemi v. France, App. No. 22070/93, 22 Eur. H.R. Rep. 228 (1996)

Facts: the applicant was a Tunisian who had live in France since he was 8 with his parents and ten siblings and had a French-born child. He was ordered deported because of several serious criminal offenses.

Complaint: the applicant claimed that his deportation violated his right to respect for his family life guaranteed by article 8 of the European Convention.

Holding: the ECHR did not find a violation of article 8

 Reasoning: the deportation was justifiable in the interests of "'the prevention of disorder'. Even if his family had lived, that the applicant did not reside in Tunisia in that period, and that he received most of his education in France, the Court ruled that he failed to show either that he had particularly close ties with his family living in France or that he was in any way integrated in the society of that country. Furthermore, on attaining majority he had not sought French nationality and he had kept his Tunisian nationality.


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