Hoang v France 16 EHRR 53 1992:

Fair trial, presumption of innocence: Presumptions of fact or of law in criminal legislation should be kept within reasonable limits which will take into account the importance of what is at stake in a particular case and which will maintain the rights of the defense. The presumption and concept of a fair trial is not violated where the accused has the opportunity to rebut a presumption of guilt with evidence to the contrary. Courts should not automatically rely on the presumptions of guilt (in the Customs Code); should take into account the facts of the case and duly weigh the evidence before it. To exercise the right to legal assistance the accused must have insufficient means to pay for legal assistance and the interests of justice must require it. Interests of justice demands the right be invoked where there are complex issues to be argued and where the applicant does not have the legal training essential to present and develop appropriate arguments.

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