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Klamecki v. Poland, (25415/94) [2002] ECHR 364 (28 March 2002)
The text of this case can be found on the European Court of Human Rights' HUDOC database.

Facts: On 30 November 1991 the applicant was arrested and detained on remand on suspicion of aggravated fraud of about one billion zlotys.

Allegations: the applicant complains of a violation of Article 5 3 (right to be brought promptly before a judge) and Article 6 1 about the length of the detention on remand (two years and three days) and the length of the criminal proceedings (six years, one month and 21 days.

Holding: The Court examined the reasonableness of the length of the pre-trial detention of the applicants and held unanimously that there had been no violation of Articles 5 3 and 6 1.

Reasoning: Continued detention could be justified in a given case only if there are specific indications of a genuine requirement of public interest, which, notwithstanding the presumption of innocence, overweighs the rule of respect for individual liberty.

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