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  • Amanakaa Amazon Net: Focuses on environmental education and indigenous rights throughout the Amazon region (sign up to receive up-to-date news on human rights issues and events).

  • The American Communication Association: A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of academic research and theories of human communication throughout the Americas.

  • Andean Commission of Jurists: ACJ is an international organization working to build democratic institutions and promote state reform in the Andean countries of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela (slow-loading, available in Spanish).

  • The Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress: Dedicated to the promotion of gender rights and development, peace and conflict prevention, and law and civil society, with a special focus on Central America.

  • Casa Alianza: Non-profit children’s rights organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of homeless children in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.

  • Derechos Human Rights: An international organization working for the promotion of human rights worldwide, with a special focus on Latin America. Covers numerous current human rights issues and provides links to information sources and other HR sites.

  • Human Rights Watch-Americas: Contains up-to-date news releases on human rights violations throughout North America, Central America and Latin America, as well as access to their World Reports.

  • The Organization of American States: The official site of the OAS, provides information on the latest news and developments throughout the region, as well as links to official documents and reports-find OAS treaties, resolutions, conventions and declarations in the “Documents” section, and for human rights information select “Human Rights” from the OAS Issues drop-box.

    • Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Official site of the IACHR, the branch of the OAS established to observe the overall human rights situation throughout the region. This site provides complete access to full-text versions of IACHR Annual Reports, Special Reports, Press Releases, and other important Basic Documents pertaining to human rights in the Inter-American system.

    • Inter-American Human Rights Database at American University: Maintained by the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at AU. Contains documents in English and Spanish, including OAS reports dating back to 1960.

    • Inter-American Human Rights System at the University of Minnesota: Maintained by the University of Minnesota’s Human Rights Library. Provides access to documents pertaining to the IACHR and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in English and Spanish.

  • United States Agency for International Development: Contains country-specific information and links for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Washington Office on Latin Americas: WOLA monitors the impact of U.S. foreign policy on human rights, democracy and social and economic development in Latin America (download reports and other WOLA publications for small fees, including some that are free of charge).

For more information on individual American countries, please see the National Links section.