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Stephen Lawrence
was an eighteen-year-old black Briton who was stabbed to death in April, 1993, in an apparently unprovoked attack by a gang of white youths at a bus stop. Over the next five years, claims by the police of insufficient evidence, and the ruling of crucial testimony as inadmissible in the family's private prosecution of the suspects, left the case unresolved. The Home Office, under a newly-elected Labour government, announced a full-scale inquiry, but this came only after the family threatened a formal complaint against the Metropolitan Police. Newspaper investigations and contacts established by the Lawrence family brought about the involvement of the international community. In February, 1999, the inquiry posted here was released amid further allegations of mishandled evidence, frightened witnesses in a racially-charged atmosphere, and calls for the resignation of Sir Paul Condon, Metropolitan Police Commissioner. This "hot topic" site collects factual and legal resources relevant to the unfolding situation.

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