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European Commission of Human Rights - Rules of Procedure

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Chapter III: Institution of Proceedings

Rule 43

1. Any application made under Articles 24 or 25 of the Convention shall be submitted in writing and shall be signed by the applicant or by the applicant's representative.

2. Where an application is submitted by a non-governmental organisation or by a group of individuals, it shall be signed by those persons competent to represent such organisation or group. The Commission shall determine any question as to whether the persons who have signed an application are competent to do so.

3. Where applicants are represented in accordance with Rule 32 of these Rules, a power of attorney or written authorisation shall be supplied by their representative or representatives.

Rule 44

1. Any application under Article 25 of the Convention shall be made on the application form provided by the Secretariat, unless the President decides otherwise. It shall set out:

a. the name, age, occupation and address of the applicant;

b. the name, occupation and address of the representative, if any;

c. the name of the High Contracting Party against which the application is made;

d. the object of the application and the provision of the Convention alleged to have been violated;

e. a statement of the facts and arguments;

f. any relevant documents and in particular the decisions, whether judicial or not, relating to the object of the application.

2. Applicants shall furthermore:

a. provide information enabling it to be shown that the conditions laid down in Article 26 of the Convention have been satisfied;

b. indicate whether they have submitted their complaints to any other procedure of international investigation or settlement;

c. indicate in which of the official languages they wish to receive the Commission's decisions;

d. indicate whether they do or do not object to their identity being disclosed to the public;

e. declare that they will respect the confidentiality of the proceedings before the Commission.

3. Failure to comply with the requirements set out under paragraphs 1 and 2 above may result in the application not being registered and examined by the Commission.

4. The date of introduction of the application shall in general be considered to be the date of the first communication from the applicant setting out, even summarily, the object of the application. The Commission may nevertheless for good cause decide that a different date be considered to be the date of introduction.

5. Applicants shall keep the Commission informed of any change of their address and of all circumstances relevant to the application.

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