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European Commission of Human Rights - Rules of Procedure

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Chapter II: The Plenary Commission

Rule 23

1. A quorum of the Commission shall consist of a number of members equal to the majority of the members of the Commission.

2. However, seven members shall constitute a quorum when the Commission examines an application submitted under Article 25 of the Convention and:

a. decides to act as provided in Rule 48, paragraph 2, or

b. declares the application inadmissible or decides to strike it off its list of cases, provided that notice of the application has not been given to the High Contracting Party concerned under Rule 48, paragraph 2 b.

3. Seven members shall also constitute a quorum when the Commission acts in pursuance of the Addendum to the present Rules (Legal aid).

Chapter III: The Chambers

Rule 24

1. There shall be two Chambers set up under Article 20, paragraph 2, of the Convention.

2. The composition of the Chambers shall be determined by the Commission.

3. The Chambers shall be constituted for three years as soon as possible following the election of the President of the Commission in accordance with Rule 6 of these Rules.

4. The Commission may make such special arrangements concerning the constitution of Chambers as it sees fit.

Rule 25

1. Where a member of the Commission elected in respect of the High Contracting Party against which a petition has been lodged is not a member of the Chamber to which that petition has been referred, but wishes to sit on that Chamber in accordance with Article 20, paragraph 2, last sentence, of the Convention, the President of the Chamber shall be so informed.

2. Where members of a Chamber cease to be members of the Commission before the expiration of the period for which the Chamber was constituted, their successors in the Commission shall succeed them as members of the Chamber.

Rule 26

1. A quorum of a Chamber shall be seven members.

2. As a rule, the Chambers meet during the sessions of the Commission.

3. Where circumstances require, the Chamber or, when it is not in session, its President, may decide that the Chamber may meet when the Commission is not in session.

Chapter IV: The Committees

Rule 27

1. There shall be Committees set up under Article 20, paragraph 3, of the Convention.

2. The Committees shall be constituted once a year. The members shall be chosen by the drawing of lots.

Rule 28

1. The Committees shall each be composed of three members. The President of the Commission shall not be a member of a Committee.

2. The members of the Commission who shall sit on the Committees shall be distributed in three lists, following the order of precedence set out in Rule 4 of these Rules. Each Committee shall be composed of one member from each list, chosen in the above order of precedence.

3. The members of the Commission who have not been chosen to sit on Committees shall act as substitute Committee members.

4. If a member is prevented from attending, a substitute member shall sit in that member's place. If none of the substitute members is able to attend, a member appearing on the same list as the member prevented from attending shall sit on the Committee.

Rule 29

Committees meet during the sessions of the Commission.

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