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European Commission of Human Rights - Rules of Procedure

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Chapter IV: Secretariat of the Commission

Rule 12

1. The Secretariat of the Commission shall consist of the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary, and other staff members appointed under Article 37 of the Convention.

2. The Secretary and the Deputy Secretary to the Commission shall be appointed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on the proposal of the Commission.

3. The officials of the Secretariat of the Commission, other than the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary, shall be appointed by the Secretary General, with the agreement of the President of the Commission or the Secretary acting on the President's instructions.

Rule 13

1. The Secretary to the Commission shall, under the general direction of the President, be responsible for the work of the Secretariat and, in particular:

a. shall assist the Commission and its members in the fulfilment of their duties,

b. shall be the channel for all communications concerning the Commission,

c. shall have custody of the archives of the Commission.

2. The Secretary shall be responsible for the publication of:

a. the decisions of the Commission,

b. minutes of the Commission's sessions,

c. any other document insofar as their publication in the official languages or in any other language is considered useful by the President.

Rule 14

A special register shall be kept at the Secretariat in which shall be entered the date of registration of each application and the date of the termination of the relevant proceedings before the Commission.

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