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Section IV: The Office of the Public Prosecutor

Article 120. The Office of the Public Prosecutor is an independent body with functional autonomy and financial self-sufficiency, whose function is to promote the intervention of the judicial [system] in defense of lawfulness and of the general interests of society, in coordination with the other authorities of the Republic.

It is composed of a Chief Prosecutor of the Nation and a Chief Public Defender of the Nation and the other members that the law may establish.

Its members enjoy functional immunities and noninterference with their remuneration.

Translation by Jonathan M. Miller & Fang-Lian Liao
©Jonathan M. Miller, reproduced with permission

Note:  Except where otherwise noted, this translation follows the text published in the Boletín Offical of August 23, 1994, including use of italics to indicate sections that were reformed by the Constitutional Convention of 1994 and the use of bold for emphasis.

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