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African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights - Rules of Procedure

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Chapter XIII - Relations with and Representation of Non-Governmental Organisations

Rule 75 - Representation

Non-governmental organisations, granted observer status by the Commission, may appoint authorised observers to participate in the public sessions of the Commission and of its subsidiary bodies.

Rule 76 - Consultation

The Commission may consult the non-governmental organisations either directly or through one or several committees set up for this purpose. These consultations may be held at the invitation of the Commission or at the request of the organisation.

Chapter XIV - Publication and Distribution of the Reports and other Official Documents of the Commission

Rule 77 - Report of the Commission

Within the framework of the procedure of communication among States parties to the Charter, referred to in Articles 47 and 49 of the Charter, the Commission shall submit to the Assembly a report containing, where possible, recommendations it shall deem necessary.

The report shall be confidential. However, it shall be published by the Chairman of the Commission after reporting unless the Assembly directs otherwise.

Rule 78 - Periodical Reports of Member States

Periodical Reports and other information submitted by States parties to the Charter as requested under Article 62 of the Charter, shall be documents for general distribution. The same thing shall apply to other information supplied by a State party to the Charter, unless the Commission decides otherwise.

Rule 79 - Reports on the Activities of the Commission

1. As stipulated in Article 54 of the Charter, the Commission shall each year submit to the Assembly, a report on its deliberations, in which it shall include a summary of the activities.

2. The report shall be published by the Chairman after the Assembly has considered it.

Rule 80 - Translation of reports and other documents

The Secretary shall endeavour to translate all reports and other document of the Commission into the working languages.

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