Duties of Individuals
  Duties to the Community Duties to Other Individuals
  South African Constitution (no provisions found) (no provisions found)
French 1958 Constitution 1946 Constitution Preamble ¶5 (duty to work). (no provisions)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (no provision) (no provisions)
Constitution of Argentina Duty of military service under Art. 21.   Duty to vote under Art. 37, added by the 1994 Amendments.   It seems there is a duty under Art. 14bis, ¶3 to pay social security taxes. (no provisions)
United States Constitution (no provision) (no provisions)
Constitution of India Art. 51A establishes a number of vaguely worded duties, including abiding by the Constitution and its principles, protecting India’s sovereignty and performing national service when required, to promote social harmony, protect the environment, etc. (no provisions found)
Würzburg Key System Keys 683 - 684 (duty to vote, duty to work) Key 6821 (duty of parents to support their children)
International Instruments
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights Art. 29(1) (no duties are enumerated) (no provisions)
Int’l Covenant on Civil and Political Rights A brief mention is made in the Preamble. A brief mention is made in the Preamble.

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