Group-Oriented Rights
Rights of "Peoples" and Communities
  Self-Determination Land Tenure of Communities
  South African Constitution §235 §25
French 1958 Constitution The Preamble permits France’s overseas territories to exercise self-determination in deciding whether to adhere to the new institutions formed under the 1958 Constitution. No provision, but see Art. 53 (no treaties ceding territory without consent of the population concerned).
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (no provision) (no provision)
Constitution of Argentina (no provision) The land tenure of indigenous Argentine peoples is protected by Art. 75(17), ¶2.
United States Constitution (no provision) (no provision)
Constitution of India (no provision) (no provision)
Würzburg Key System Key 6274 (Key has not yet been developed)
International Instruments
  Universal Declaration of Human rights (no provision) (no provision)
Int’l Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICCPR Art. 1 establishes a right of "peoples" to self-determination, specifically to freely determine their political status, pursue economic, social, and cultural development, and freely dispose of their natural resources. States are required to promote and respect that right in conformity with the U.N. Charter.  See also Art. 47, reiterating the "inherent right of all peoples" to freely utilize their natural resources. See provisions on use of natural resources under Self-Determination.

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