Comparative Constitutional Rights Chart

Listing of Rights by Category

Rights of Individuals:  Civil and Political
Dignity, Equality, and Non-Discrimination
Bodily Integrity and Security
Fundamental Freedoms
Political Participation
Residence, Citizenship, Nationality
Detention and Criminal Trial
Other Civil and Political Rights


Rights of Individuals:  Economic, Social, and Cultural
Economic Rights
Labor Rights
Social Rights
Cultural Rights


Group-Oriented Rights
Rights of Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Rights of “Peoples” and Communities
“Other Generations” of Rights


Limitations on Rights
Limitations Applicable to All Rights
Limitations on Specific Rights Only


Application and Amendment of Constitutional Rights
Scope of Application of Constitutional Rights
Amendment and Interpretation


Remedies for Violations of Rights
Private Remedies Under Domestic Law
Public Remedies Under Domestic Law
Remedies Under International Law


Duties of Individuals

Human and Constitutional Rights Resource Page
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